Over thirty million people voted in the 2016 EU referendum which ultimately saw the British people vote in favour of leaving the European Union. This decision has raised questions about the European Health Insurance Card and whether it would continue as a result of this. However, it has officially been announced that the EHIC Card has not been affected by the ‘Brexit’ vote. Therefore, the EHIC scheme continues to operate as usual and the EHIC services are still provided by the NHSBSA. The online application service remains unchanged and EHIC Card applications can still be made in this way.

Prior to the European Health Insurance Card, a form known as the E111 was in effect. However, the E111 is no longer in operation and has been completely replaced by the European Health Insurance Card as of 2006. The benefits of the European Health Insurance Card include state offered healthcare cover in all countries that are applicable. The applicable countries are all countries within the European Economic Area and Switzerland. In order to access these benefits, you must carry a valid and up to date European Health Insurance Card (cards are valid up to five years) to provide as evidence of your entitlements to the EHIC Scheme. You have the option to apply for a new card, or make a renewal, by completing our online application form.

We have no association or affiliation with any Governmental body and the NHSBSA and we are not partnered or networked with the aforementioned. There is the option to directly apply for a European Health Insurance Card, without any costs, through the Government’s official website. This can be carried out by visiting ‘visit.gov.uk’ which is accessible via a web link located at the top of our website’s page.

Apply or Renew Your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

At your discretion, you can alternatively choose to make an application for EHIC using our organisation by filling out our online form. It is advised you have a read through our terms and conditions before using this website. A small cost is applicable to access our services. Our paid services include a comprehensive analysis of your application, carefully reviewing the form for mistakes and missing information. We also forward the application, on your behalf, after the verification stage has been completed. Our verification and forwarding service is designed to make your application experience a smooth and easy process.


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Renew an expired Health Card

Does at least one of the applicants hold an EHIC that has expired or is due to expire in the next 6 months?

Replace Lost/Stolen Card

In the event your card been lost or stolen, use this service to request a new EHIC card.