EHIC CardNo official announcement has been made by the UK Government to change the European Health Insurance Card scheme and it will continue to operate in its current format even though the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union on 23rd June 2016.

Therefore, you can still receive all the benefits that the European Health Insurance Card (or EHIC for short) has to offer. These benefits include health cover in any country in the European Economic area including Switzerland. Applying for an EHIC card online remains unchanged.

The paper-based E111, is no longer valid and will not be accepted as an alternative to the EHIC. If your card is in date, it can be used in any country which participates in the European Health Insurance Card scheme. It will enable you to access state-provided healthcare and medical treatment at a reduced cost and in some cases free of charge. You have the option to apply or renew an EHIC by completing our online application form through our website and will be covered by the card upon confirmation that your application has been processed.

Our company is not affiliated, endorsed, networked, associated or partnered with the NHSBSA or any government body. We are a third-party company entirely independent from the NHSBSA or any other Government body. The EHIC card is free of all costs and you can visit the site, by clicking the link at the top of the page, to make an application free of charge and without cost via the official Government website.

If you would like to use our data-checking services, you can do so by completing an application form through our website. We charge a small administrative fee for our services but in return offer a thorough application review and data quality check to rectify any errors in your EHIC application. We also forward your application to the NHSBSA on your behalf to bypass any hold ups and avoid any delays or bounce backs to ascertain the most efficient and the highest quality of customer service possible. You can easily and simply use the form below to apply through us.

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Your EHIC card will be valid for 5 years.
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