The EHIC application service that we provide is not associated, partnered or affiliated with the NHSBSA or any government body. It’s possible to apply for and receive a free EHIC card directly through the government website by clicking the link at the top of this page Visit

You may also apply through our service. Will ensure your application is thoroughly checked for any mistakes. We charge a fee for our services which is £23.50 standard or £24.99 fast track depending on which service you choose. Please read our terms and conditions before applying through our website. We provide complete verification of the application form and forwarding service, in order to make sure that there are no errors and there are no delays when you need to receive your European Health Insurance Card.

A more detailed list of our services can be found on the Our Service link at the top of the page.


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• Your EHIC card will be valid for 5 years
• Your information is 100% secure using the website
• A fee is required per application using our organisation

Renew an expired Health Card

Does at least one of the applicants hold an EHIC that has expired or is due to expire in the next 6 months?

Replace Lost/Stolen Card

In the event your card been lost or stolen, use this service to request a new EHIC card.